Not About Youth!?

Why is this site called Not About Youth, when it’s apparently all about them? It’s really all about GOD, Who creates, reaches, saves and transforms students. While He can do that without us, He has allowed us to be part of His work.

So you really wanna know?

Actually, youth ministry is NOT about youth! Certainly, youth are important, and reaching and ministering to people—especially students—is a great privilege and a high calling. But that’s really what it boils down to: it’s a calling. A calling from God.

We need to keep our focus right, our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. It is God Who created people; it is God Who died for us, because He, and only He, can save us; it is God Who is calling students to follow Him and it is God Who is transforming them, until they are like Christ.

So youth ministry is really not about youth, but about God. When we say “youth ministry”, we need to make sure the emphasis is on “ministry”, because the focus is on God. We are not calling students to follow us, to attend a certain church, or to live good moral lives; it is also not our goal to prepare them to become mature citizens. Of course, we encourage them to follow us in some respect (we want to be good role models); we challenge them to attend some church regularly, to be connected to other believers, to come under teaching, to worship; we want to be a good influence on them so that their lifestyle will reflect their commitment to God, and we prepare them to live as mature adults in this world. However, the focus is not on the students, but on Christ, Who died for them. The focus is on Him working in their lives to accomplish all these things.

Still, we as youth workers play a role. While God saves people and teaches and transforms them, and while He certainly doesn’t need anyone to help Him, He has chosen to use us in this process. It is not that anything depends on us, but what a WASTE if we live our lives selfishly, without the opportunity to join Him as He is reaching and transforming students.

As you browse this website, keep in mind that it’s ALL ABOUT GOD. Whether you teach, play games, counsel, or just hang out with students, remember that you are doing this “in God’s name”, not in your own.

The main youth pastor is God, and the full-time committed youth leaders He has set in place are called ‘parents’. We as youth pastors, youth leaders and volunteers are to give GOD room to work in and through us, as we help and encourage parents to fulfill their calling and as we interact with students. This website aims to be a tool for you towards that end.

And that, my friends, is why it’s called Not About Youth…NAY!